A Derogatory Radio Podcast 4

Derogatory radio podcast 4 is finally upon us all, I am sorry for the delay as I know you all must have been on the edge of your seats :) . I am not sure if anyone even gets this far anymore as it is probably too many clicks and that can be tough. I am very grateful for every click I do get on Soundcloud, mainly for the ones I feature on the show because they are the ones who deserve it. And what do you deserve? To hear their music.

Started the show with a quick mix – grab the tracks below if you please.

Ghost Culture – Mouth
Marian – For You
My Favourite Robot – Centreofattentionaut
Ost & Kjex – Indie
Author – Chant

Massive thanks to Kris Swales who took the time to provide me with an intriguing interview and several tracks from his vast back catalogue. I am forever envious of the scene in Brisbane which I missed by coming in a little too late. It gives me great pleasure to talk to the guys who lived it and hear their story. Kris’ story comes with the gift of a number of amazing productions he was involved in producing along with an amazing commentary of the scene. Check out some of the evolution below:

One of the greatest things about the Radio Show is that it gives me the power to ask DJs to do mixes for me and they actually do it! This is awesome for me as I am probably one of the first people other then themselves to hear it. Mumbles was an absolute legend and went all out to make an outstanding mix. I knew he would produce something good but I still had no idea what to expect . He really surprised me by going all out and playing exactly what he is loving at the moment – the result is a completely unique journey into a unconscious analog world. When you get to this point turn it up and enjoy!!

Thanks for listening everyone - it has been great…

A Derogatory Radio Podcast 3


Hey guys – I am really excited to finally share with you the third instalment of a Derogatory Radio. I am extremely happy with the material I ended up getting on the show which revolves around two absolute legends of the Brisbane scene Kieron C & Cosmo Cater.

Since I started the idea of the radio show Kieron C has always been at the top of my list to interview and after a failed attempt on the second show we locked down a date to meet in person and get it done for the third show. We were unable to finish the interview during the first meeting so I had to come back on another occasion to let Kieron finish telling his story. I have included the very end of the interview which also happened to be the very end of a bottle of Jack Daniels as you might be able to hear. I was lucky enough to record Kieron’s 30 year music history which I will complete a feature on soon – it will be an educational adventure for all those interested.


The mix was provided by another one of Brisbane’s dance music royalty Cosmo Cater and is an absolute masterpiece. Ranging from deep vocal house through to cosmic tech disco. Cosmo also gives us his own unique insight into the changing landscapes of dance music in Brisbane over the last 20 years and how he now fits in with the current underground scene.


I throughly enjoyed listening to every word these two veterans had to say about their experiences in various dance music scenes throughout their lives. Their continual enthusiasm is fuel for all of us to keep immersed in the things we enjoy and never let the reality of life get to much in the way of making the most of what you enjoy.


A Nostalgic European mix by Jimps – download the tracks below:

James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
Edu Imbernon, Triumph - Veranoski (Henry Saiz Remix)
Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (Flight Facilities Edit)
The Howling - Shortline (Frank Wiedemann Remix)
Noze – Remember Love
Julian Jeweil – Flexxx (Original Mix)
Modeselektor, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Negativity (Original Mix)
Kolsch - All That Matters (feat. Troels Abrahamsen)
Egal 3 – Remaster
Wehbba & Dubshape – Jitterbug

A couple of Kieron C’s Mega Drive Cartridge Originals

Cosmo’s 100 Minute Twin Peak’s mix

Catch you on the next show


A Derogatory Radio Podcast 2

Looks like we are finally moving again – thanks heaps to J.Treby for his awesome first post he really spoiled you with some quality tracks to get any time of the day or night moving. The next installment of A Derogatory Radio is here bigger and better then ever. This will be the last show for a couple of months as I am heading to Europe to dip my face into some real scenes including Ibiza & Berlin – I will report back on the next show with what I am sure will be an open mind and a head full of new sounds from DC10 to Watergate.

I used this episode to talk to a few different people to gain insights and differing perspectives into the electronic music scene in Brisbane, The Gold Coast & Perth. I did this by looking at it through the eyes of 3 people in very different stages of their electronic existence which produced an array of outlooks merged by one common theme – Deep House. It is becoming very evident that of all the “Under Ground” dance music Deep House is making its return above ground into clubs and record collections all around our cities fueled by the explosion in the UK.

It is an extremely exciting time for those who love the sound especially here in Brisbane where a strong scene is continuing to build and the popularity is allowing for a range of promoters to bring quality internationals to our shores to play intimate club shows. Most of us are old enough now that generic cialis without prescription we have already been in and out of a few other uprisings and falls of other electronic dance music genres and we always think back and remember “those days” – today is one of “those days” which we will look back on, reflect and wish we could somehow relive these moments again. My only advice is to embrace the scene now, go to as many events as possible, meet as many people as you can doing the same thing as you and come together and dance as one-day all that will be left is Nostalgia.

Have a listen to all the awesome tracks and interviews below – special thanks to J.Treby, Chirs Walker & Clinton Turner (Contralto Audio) for being so open and giving me the best conversations & music I could wish for. You guys made the show and I really appreciate your time. All the content available in one form or another below to listen to again.

Tracks put together by Jimps

Gill Scott-Heron – Sex Education Ghetto Style
Tale of Us – Another Earth
The Crystal Ark – Rhodes
Jaw, Kevork Keshishian – Hazihi Laylaty (Original Mix)
Jaw, Kevork Keshishian – Hazihi Laylaty (Soul Clap Remix)
Rey & Kjavik – So What (Original Mix)

J.Treby with some mellow deepness
Chasing Kurt – From The Inside

A huge deep tech dark room destroyer from Chris Walker one half of French Kids on Acid

A Derogatory Mix by Contralto Audio

Don’t forget the Spotify Playlist

Catch you next show – party hard.


A Derogatory Radio Podcast 2 – Trailer from James Cassidy on Vimeo.

A Derogatory Virgin

Welcome to another sector of the Derogatory Term,

Soo I guess this is where it all begins… looking back through all of the posts on this blog has been one of the best adventures musically I have ever witnessed. Getting to see how the scene has changed over the past decade (Well close to it). Not only that but the constant evolving taste of music Jimps & Adso has developed over the duration has been something that really grabs my attention..

This is where I come in. My name is James Treby, the newest member of the derogatory term team. I was delighted when Jimps asked if I would like to start sharing some of my thoughts with the rest of you. As the other two start to grow old cough* and dive deeper into the musical world, I thought I would jump in and show you what my let’s say “virgin” mind has been following this year and what tracks have really been raising my hairs.

Electronic music has only really taken my interest for about the last 2 years. It started when I stumbled across a post Jimps had done, blogging these two tracks in particular which had me staring into my own mind while they blasted out of my headphones, taking me on a bizarre journey. It is unexplainable why I enjoyed them so much, even still to this day I ‘am unsure. I knew none of my mates would take an interest to them. Even still I think I dipped my toes in anyway and showed a couple of people to see what reaction I would get, just incase. Turns out no one could relate with me.


Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Rework) – Connan Mockasin

The Deejay’s an Alien (Layabouts Reprise) – David Harness & Roland Clark

Months went by and I slowly started listening to more and more music which lead me to develop more of a personal taste. November of 2011 came around where I really started to consider buying a pair of “decks”. I woke up one day after a few weeks of convincing myself and thought “Im going to cut my losses and spend the only money I had saved on a pair of cdj 850′s and a djm 700 mixer” I knew little to nothing about them nor did i have any idea how they worked. I just knew it would be a good way to enjoy the tracks I already loved even more then I did previously.

6 months went by and i was starting to pick up the basics of it. I was consistently told by people that dj’ing was something you either sit down and work hard at to progress or just drop out the back door if you didn’t put the time and effort in. I had engraved into my brain I wasn’t going to give it up and if i did then…. (insert beating here). $3000 is what it cost me at the time and for a 16 year old to blow at once, to me was massive. All i could relate to was how many hours that had taken me to swipe groceries at coles which was my job at the time…The answer is alot!

I have always been a person that doesn’t really pick a genre that i’am following and rinse through the internet picking up anything that falls under the banner of that particular genre. I don’t dislike any type of music. What I don’t like are particular tracks. I tend to listen to everything and anything I come across and if i like it then i will acuire it and if I don’t then I will forget it existed. Don’t get me wrong I do go through phases like everyone, where I throughly enjoy some genre’s more then others and visa versa as time goes on. As I sit here, i’am thinking what are my top 5 genre’s? I don’t think I could put that in order of numbers. If I were to make a playlist of my top tracks of all time it would fall under countless different categories. Although what has played a huge role in my taste over the past few years would have to be Deep/Tech House & Techno

During the year of 2012 Techno really started to become familiar to me. To name a few – the likes of Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Justice & Paul Chambers were huge influences behind my attraction to the genre. Track after track I listened to, had me jumping all over the place. In recent times Mumbai Science & a few other one off artists that have released a series of wicked tracks have also become a part of that list. To get my point across I will name a few of the stand out tracks I have enjoyed which will also be free to download.

Berimbau – Phunk Investagation/Alex Di Stefano

Off The Wall (Brodinski Remix) – Yuksek

Nobody Rules the Streets Feat louisahhh! – Brodinski

Belgium – Gesaffelstein

Rocket Number 9 (Gesaffelstein Remix) – Zombie Zombie

Singapore Swing – Shinichi Osawa/ Paul Chambers

Researchers – Mumbai Science

Bucci Bag (Edit) – Mumbai Science

Moving Forward to 2013 – My year began with a solo trip to Melbourne to witness Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin play a dj set at Brown Alley on the friday night which was one of the best nights out I have had to date. It turns out my Melbourne tripped was planned quiet well in terms of what was on that weekend. To my attention on the sunday the famous “Boiler Room” party was debuting at a place called The Bottom End which was a great night full of many unfamiliar banging tunes.

I wouldn’t say the Melbourne trip kicked off my liking for house music but it sure did open up a whole new world for me. Since then my options for music taste has multiplied times and times again. Presently the house scene is something I have been following very closely and although majority of it is in the UK, Australia’s scene has picked up alot and there has been some massive acts brought over in the past 6 months. Especially in Brisbane which is great because it can sometimes be trumped by places like Sydney and Melbourne.

Finally this brings me to share with you some of my favourite tracks that I guess you could refer to as the anthem of my year so far both new and old that have influenced me significantly;

Everyday – Adana Twins

2 Know u – Doctor Dru

What I Might Do – Ben Pearce

Ruff Stuff – Justin Martin

Don’t Go (Kolombo Edit) – Yazoo

Closer (Kidnap Kid Remix) – Lu Lu James

I Loved You – Blonde

In My Veins – Louisahhh!!

I’m Losing You – Ongaku

Real – Gorgon City

Control Me – Stretch Monroe

Atomical Street – Tinush

Those Days – Amtrac

The Scheme – Amtrac

Check out The Derogatory Playlist on Spotify with all the tracks we can find

This now draws me to a close for today. It has been great pulling up the old memories and sharing with you. I hope all the tracks can be enjoyed as much as I do. They all should be available for download via the link. Attached is my latest mix posted a few days ago which features some great tracks that haven’t been mentioned, it is worth a listen if you are interested.









Until next time..


A Derogatory Radio Podcast 1

Welcome back!

A Derogatory never dies – as a new idea/project I have released the first ever A Derogatory Radio Podcast which you can listen to below.

The first episode starts off with a few tracks put together by myself – I wanted these tracks to still sound good knowing that it might be a month between when I chose the tracks and the radio show going on air. For this reason there is a mixture of new and old songs, filled with interesting arrangements and instrumentals – kept it dark and relatively slow (until the end – sorry!).

For the next segment I called up three friends Acid Reign, Adso & Rory. The goal of this segment was to just get a few mates casually on the phone and to ask them if they could recommend a track to play – loved each one of their selections which produced a good range of styles.

The show finishes off with a mix by one half of the Chop Shop DJs Fordy – I gave him a quick call during the show to talk about the making of the mix. Really enjoyed this little snippit of some of the tracks he is diggin at the moment – will have to get him in A Derogatory Studio for a live mix in the future where he can really bang out something huge.

There is no real direction or boundaries of the radio show which I think fits with the feel of this blog over the last 6 years.

To keep things alive around here and to keep up the tradition of always making things available for download you can find all the material below – I have also set up a Spotify playlist for those moving forward with technology where I will just throw all the tracks from the radio shows I can find now and in the future.


Tracks put together by Jimps

David August – Help Me Through

Hallucinogen In Dub – Dark Persuasion

Omar S – Air Of The Day

Bomb The Bass – Bug Powder Dust (K&D Session)

David August – Until We Shine (feat. yvy)

Daniel Avery – Reception (Original Mix)

Acid Reign back to 88

Turntable Orchestra – You’re Gonna Miss Me

Adso – from the top of his head

Crazy P – Heartbreaker

Rory delving deep

Mike Mago – The Show (Original Mix)

Chop Shop’s Derogatory Mix

Chop Shop DJs – A Derogatory Mix

Hope to see you again with Podcast 2 – maybe it will be you on the other end of an awkward conversation!


Also couple of trailers if you missed them on facebook:

Thanks for reading/listening.



I Was Born In The Forest

Hello again – I thought I would give you all a selection of nice house tunes to keep your Saturday night pulsating. This is A Derogatory House – not to be confused with A Derogatory playlist. Throw the below songs into a playlist and put it on shuffle, no order needed – the more chaos the better, let it surprise you anytime of the day or night. That is the great thing about house music it seems to morph into your surroundings, deep and dark at night yet drifty and dreaming during the day.

Anyway let this post not be about words and let it be about the music, after all the music is what keeps A Derogatory’s heart beating.  So close your eyes and prey for the return of Adso the Derogatory Incubator.


A Derogatory House

Download the complete playlist Zipped

Lem – European Boy (Director’s Cut)

Dog Days – 92 (Pol On Edit)

Kraak & Smaak feat. Romanthony – Let’s Go Back (Solomun Remix)

Fink – Make It Good (Tale of Us & Tennis Remix)

Baunz – The Same Thing (Huxley Remix)

Blond:ish – Lonely Days (Hunter Game Remix)

Konrad Black, Art Department – Graveyard Tan (Version Two)

Murphy Jax – The Acid Housekeeper (Original Mix)

Zhanna, Avanti – Back To Rapture (Brioski Disco Mix)

Footprintz – Rush To The Capsule (Ewan Pearson’s New Wave Moon Rave Remix)

Hey Today! – 83 (Original Mix)





A Derogatory Playlist PT XX

Well it appears that this is the 20th installment of A Derogatory Playlist. The first of the playlists was published almost 4 and a half years ago in late 2007 by a little indie electro freak at the time who was going to The Empire every weekend and would trawl the blogs all day and night listening to hours of music.  All this work would churn and chug its way down to 1.2 hours of his favourite tunes, arranged in a Playlist in a certain way to give the listener the ultimate journey.

There have never been any rules to a Playlist just certain ideas that have been kept alive. These ideas are almost always plugged into electronic brain waves laced with melodies and topped with groove.  From indie to electro, disco, house, and techno all barriers are smashed and scattered as the synths transfix the portal to your hollow minds.

Number 20 gets deeper and darker and is a modern taste of the range of electronic music that the Derogatory ones are made of. I could explain how much my taste has progressed and grown however that thought is quickly extinguished by logic and fact as two producers below being Tiga and Punks Jump Up actually featured on my very first playlist.Another idea which I think I may keep alive is that all files below will be available in WAV just in-case you get in a situation where you need to use them.

A Derogatory Playlist PT XX

Download The Complete Playlist Zipped in 320kbs

All tracks also available in WAV

1. Benoit & Sergio – Principles (Original Mix) WAV

2. Hiem – 2AM Feat Phil Oakey (Brioski Remix) WAV

3. Keith & Supabeatz – Pressure (Etnik Remix) WAV

4. Douglas Greed – Go Down On You Feat Rosa Roug (Original Mix) WAV

5. Huxley – Let It Go (Original Mix) WAV

6. My Favorite Robot – Forest Fires (Original Mix) WAV

7. Lee Curtiss – I Can Hear You Arthur (Original Mix) WAV

8. Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Tigas What Iz Houze Muzik Remix) WAV

9. Scuba – The Hope (Original Mix) WAV

10. The Space And Time Machine – Pill Party In India WAV

11. Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Alex Gopher Remix) WAV

I highly Recommend….

Benoit & Sergio – Principles

This track was actually released in June last year but I have only started listening to it in the last month. It needed to be the start of the playlist as it is the perfect intro. Benoit & Sergio are two dudes delving into the deep house/tech vibe, which is dominating dance floors everyone at the moment. Their first EP was released on DFA records and hence they were just out here with Future playing that stage. Unfortunately I missed their set due to a clash with Aphex Twin but I am sure as Aphex were melting minds they were getting their grove on. They have also released tracks on the hugely hyped Vision Quest label (Troxler, Crossman, Curtiss & Reeves) and continue to create buzz into 2012. Their sound is marvelously melodic with uplifting bumps which create a vibrate ride to the end.

Hiem – 2AM feat Phil Oakey (Brioski Remix)

I only got this Brioski remix of Hiem’s 2AM last week and it is currently my favourite track. Starts with a punchy bass line that runs with a very familiar voice over the top. That voice would be Phil Oakey from The Human Lead helping create a modern 80th synth classic. The track continues to bop along progressing into an indie disco delight. For your room or for the dance floor this will work in any setting – enjoy!

Keith & Supabeatz – Pressure (Etnik Remix)

Now this is a track which would sound absolutely delicious on a huge sound system when that bass synth extrudes its juice through the speakers. This remix gives a feeling of irony as the huge dirty sounds actually create quite a minimal track. I can not see a dance floor going nuts to it but I can see some serious nodding of heads as people agree that the sounds moving their feet are crisp as candle light.

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Tigas What Iz Houze Muzik Remix)


Azari & III have been a remixes dream over the past year with their tracks getting touched up by the best and the result has been perfection. Their latest single and probably my favourite song off their album Reckless With Your Love gets the Tiga touch. The secret to any Azari remix is to use the hook of the original vocals as much as you can and Tiga does this by keeping them vibrate with a repetitive deep bass hook as the vocals continue to do all the talking. Breakdowns then take effect and the returning bass is always welcomed. So simple yet so effective – good one Tiga!


Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Alex Gopher Remix)


It is always a little scary putting on a Gopher remix for the first time, not quite sure how much damage he is about to do to your ears as you instantly turn it up to full volume. Punks Jumps Up has released a superb track in Get Down and the Cccrash Mixxx is a slice of electro pop brilliance however I could not go past Gopher’s driving madness when choosing over the two. As the sirens scream get ready for an absolutely huge drop and a progression into mayhem only the brave should take.

Till next time


Extensions Of The Mind

Why hello everybody – I hope you have all had a good start to the year. My musical tastes are just getting deeper and more electronic as I glide forward into the realm of unreality.

I would like to make my return with a mix I have just completed which showcases some discount viagra new and some old tracks I have been listening to lately.

This is a mix which took many different directions as it evolved over time. It started as an idea to put together a selection of personal classics, so Tiga’s disco drama remix of E Talking was the seamless beginning I was hoping for. After mixing and editing the track I decided I wanted a really heavy mix to create a connection to the dance floor. This idea was swiftly extinguished as a selection of disco, deep and tech house I was listening to at the time crept in. However I stayed true to the idea and brought the noise back for the last half of the set creating differing levels and experiences.

Few interesting edits, bootlegs and samples which bring it all together. The vision was to create a wave of beats to progressively stab at your consciousness and subsequently raise your arms.


Jimps – Extensions of the Mind (SoundCloud Link)

  1. Soulwax – E Talking (Tiga’s Disco Drama Remix) with a (Jimps’ “A Part of The Savage Beast Never Ends” Edit)
  2. Crazy P – Eruption
  3. Jane’s Addiction – I Would For You
  4. Flowers & Sea Creatures – A.M (Ewan Pearson Re-Edit)
  5. !!! – Steady as a Sidewalk Cracks (Tim Goldworthy Remix)
  6. Ben Westbeech – Stronger
  7. Mongolian Jetset – A Blast Of Loser (9406 Version) (With a Jimps extension of Pink Floyd out of your head edit)
  8. Justice – Canon (Erol Alkan Rework)
  9. The Glimmers – U Rock My World
  10. The Presets – I Go Hard, I Go Home (Ascii Disko Remix)
  11. James Zabiela – Darkness 2
  12. Goose – Words (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
  13. Afrojack – Pacha On Acid
  14. Benoit & Sergio – Walk and Talk/Thomas Gandey – The Piano Track (Radio Slave Remix)
  15. Detachments – Audio Video (Stopmakingme Remix)

I have included all the heaviest weapons below from the second half of the set – all available in WAV format to help you demolish the floorboards.



Justice – Canon (Erol Alkan Remix)WAV

The Glimmers – U Rock My World (Original Mix)WAV

The Presets – I Go Hard, I Go Home (Ascii Disko Remix)WAV

James Zabiela – Darkness 2 Original MixWAV

Goose – Words (Boris Dlugosch Remix)WAV

Afrojack – Pacha On Acid (Original Mix)WAV

Benoit & Sergio – Walk and Talk (Original Mix)WAV

Thomas Gandey – The Piano Track (Radio Slave Remix)WAV

Detachments – Audio Video (Stopmakingme Remix)WAV


Well – till next time ta ta.



A Derogatory Playlist PT XIX

I would like to welcome the 19th Derogatory Playlist – a big number for the Derogatory one and only 1 away from number 20. It is not yet time to reflect retrospectively so let’s avoid hindsight and enjoy the deepness which lies ahead.


The Playlist El Derog below is a free viagra samples segment of electronic tunes built for darken rooms, late nights, early mornings and most importantly a sound system which can deliver the tasty Wav files into your ear drums with pin point sharpness. Play them loud, play them with your eyes closed and let your fingers guide the rest of your body in rhythm through the clouded hoops in the sky.

A Derogatory Playlist PT XIX

Download The Complete Playlist Zipped in 320kbs

All tracks also available in WAV

1. Ron Basejam – Looter (Original Mix) WAV

2. Joe Goddard – All I Know (Original Mix) WAV

3. Hiem – Freaky Nights (Tim Paris Remix) WAV

4. Tom Trago – What You Do feat Tyree Cooper (Original Mix) WAV

5. Raze – Break 4 Love (Soul Clap Main Mix) WAV

6. Osunlade – Envision (Ame Remix) WAV

7. Virgo Four – Its A Crime (Caribou Mix) WAV

8. Brioski – Radio Anatomy (Emperor Machine Stretched Version) WAV

9. Monarchy – Maybe I’m Crazy (Diskjokke Remix) WAV

10. Zombie Nation – Tight (Etienne De Crecy Remix) WAV

I highly recommend…

Ron Basejam – Looter (Original Mix)

This is my favourite track over the last month however it is not without a trick. Both the Magician and his former partner in crime Aeroplane understood that this sounds a lot better sped up from 100bpm to 120bpm to accelerate the prodding bass as heard on both of their most recent mixes. So pitch it up or get someone to pitch it up for you and start punching that fist.

Hiem – Freaky Nights (Tim Paris Remix)

This track is definitely a soundtrack to a Freaky Night with a mysteriously doomy melody. The bass runs as you creep down a darkened hallway, you can hear movement in the distance as your fingers grip the wall. The track heats up as you peer around the corner and bounce into the light.

Virgon Four – Its A Crime (Caribou Mix)

It’s nice to hear from Caribou again. This progressive stabber turns into absolute brilliance half way through with synth madness.  Dizzy drum patterns remind you that you “gotta go underground”.

Osunlade – Envision (Ame Remix)

One of the most recent tracks I have purchased on the list and an instant thrill. Can’t help but think it could be a shout out to the Deep House Label Innervisions, which released the track with the lyrics stating that you “can’t envision it”. The bass delivers the melody as the lyrics follow….

Monarchy – Maybe I’m Crazy (Diskjokke Remix)

This Disjokke remix was the first I decided needed to go in the next Derogatory playlist back in July. The track along with the Zombie Nation remix proves I still have some balls. This Maybe I’m Crazy release by Electro Poppers Monarchy has some serious talent on the remix front however I believe that the sheer brutality of the first bass drop makes the usually reserved Disjokke’s remix stand out.

Thank you and I will see you all next time.





Thundercat is the stage name for Californian bass player extraordinaire Stephen Bruner, whose father played with legendary funk band The Temptations and brother is a Grammy award winning drummer. Impressive loins indeed. Thundercat is only a recent incarnation for Bruner as he picked up his guitar at the tender age of 4 and has been playing in various bands since he was 16, including stints with heavyweights like Snoop Dogg and Erykah Badu! He also viagra usa counts LA producer Flying Lotus as a good buddy and collaborated on his acclaimed 2010 LP Cosmogramma, which no doubt resulted in him taking on production duties for this album.

It ranges from slow jam R’n’B to jazz freak-out and then back to somewhere in the middle, but despite this, his debut album The Golden Age Of Apocalypse sounds very cohesive. This makes it really easy to listen to from start to finish without the songs feeling like they are repeating themselves. My favourite song from it is For Love (I Come Your Friend), mainly because it reminds me of Outkast‘s classic slow burner Prototype. Another highlight, Is It Love? showcases Bruner’s soulful vocals, and with flourishes of horns, piano and a bass guitar solo, wouldn’t sound out of place on a compilation next to the likes of Al Green. The last track I’ll share with you is the electro strutter Walkin’, which sounds like a classier version of something Breakbot would make.

Thundercat – For Love (I Come Your Friend)

Thundercat – It It Love?

Thundercat – Walkin’

Thundercat – The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (WUpload link – open in new tab and click slow download)


Enjoy! Back soon!